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Imagine having to change your son, daughter or partner on the floor of a public toilet. This is a reality for many family carers who simply have no other choice.

We want to refurbish the existing changing facilities at Wadurs, including our disabled toilet and changing room with a hoist and changing bed.

The work to the disabled toilet and changing room will cost around £18,000 and we need YOUR help to raise this.

Gill is a 63 woman who sustained multiple fractures and broken bones after being knocked off her bike in a road traffic accident on 12th September 1996.

Before the accident, Gill was winning veteran trophies as a triathlete, after starting to compete at the age of 39.

Since the accident, Gull suffers from Chronic pain. She has tried various aids, further operations, apparatus, therapies and medicines to help but eventually had to accept that the pain was here to stay and get on with it.

“Obviously I could no longer take part in my beloved Triathlons as weight bearing increases the intensity of the pain (running/cycling) but I can still swim and that is where Wadurs Community Pool comes in. It was just under a year after the accident before I could think about swimming and the staff at the pool were great.  I was on crutches and changed in the current disabled changing room. From here they helped me into a special chair to poolside and then hoisted me into the water.  

I could not have managed this alone or without this equipment and was and will always be grateful to them - I was devastated at not being able to run/cycle anymore and knew that my swimming was not good enough for competitions - but I just wanted to do SOMETHING!”.

Gill has told us that the current disabled toilet and changing facilities are not fit for purpose.

“The door opens inwards (instead of outwards), which is difficult for wheelchair users who cannot turn easily into the room. The toilet is at the correct height but it needs to be more stable. The tap under the sink used for the cleaning hose would be better placed outside the room and quite often leaks - which can make the floor very slippery and people far worse off than me may slip.  You cannot reach the right-side rail to pull yourself up from the toilet as it is too far away and the sink and toilet paper dispenser should be swapped over as it is a bit of a reach for paper.


Wadurs has helped me throughout all of my challenges. The fact that it is small, local and the staff know the customers plays a key part as we all feel that we are welcome whatever our abilities - that is very important to all of us’


Tammy provides respite care for her 7 year old nephew, Ryan.

Ryan was born with portions of his brain missing resulting in both physical and mental disabilities. He uses a wheelchair as he is unable to walk or stand unaided and is still in nappies. Despite this Ryan loves to be active and in particular loves his swimming. Tammy and Ryan have been regular visitors of Wadurs Swimming pool since he was 3 years old but have been unable to bring Ryan for the last year due to the logistics of getting him changed and showered in the current facilities.

Tammy has told us that:

1. The changing room is very small to get 2 carers, 1 wheelchair in plus Ryan

2. There is no suitable changing bed / table. He is too big for a baby changing mat, the benches are too narrow and slatted, so we cannot lay him down to change him and the floor was not big enough or nice enough to lay him on.

3. No lockers within the changing room

4. No space to leave the wheelchair - just have to leave it in the corridor

5. The other issue is trying to shower him afterwards, then carry him to the disability changing room.

Tammy said “All of the above have meant that we have been unable to use Wadurs as it becomes a logistical nightmare. Ryan would love it if a new changing room / area was built!”.


If you would like to support us you can:

As Impulse Leisure Wadurs is expanding we are looking for lifeguards to be part of our team. This position is perfect for the retiree looking for a new adventure, the mum who wants a part time job to earn those extra pennies or for those who are looking to expand their skills. To find out more  about our lastest position please click here.

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