Thurrock Community Leisure Ltd (TCL) is a registered Charitable Trust that operates under the brand of Impulse Leisure. Our mission is to ‘Create Active and Healthy Communities’

What is a Charitable Trust?

Charitable Trusts encompass a diverse range of organisations, each sharing two fundamental objectives: doing good and creating positive change within communities.

Amidst the immense strain on our health services, it is crucial to recognise the invaluable contribution of leisure and culture trusts to our local communities. Their employees serve as a vital extension of the health and social care workforce and they play an indispensable role promoting the enhancement of individuals' physical, mental, and emotional well-being in our communities.

How Thurrock Community Leisure operates as a Registered Charity and Community Trust

Every contribution we receive directly benefits local facilities and supports the development of much-needed programmes that the Thurrock communities desire. What sets the Charitable Trust model apart from other public leisure services is its cross-subsidy approach. By generating surpluses through various activities, we can subsidise non-profit initiatives such as health services and outreach endeavours.

Our organisation is led by a dedicated group of volunteer Trustees (directors) who are local residents deeply committed to the wellbeing and prosperity of our community. These Trustees selflessly contribute their time and expertise without receiving any financial compensation or personal gain from the company, including any surpluses.

Being a registered charity and social enterprise, TCL operates with the primary goal of maximising our surplus. 100% of these surpluses are reinvested back into the community through various means, such as:

  • Enhancing services
  • Improving facilities
  • Implementing health improvement programmes

This ensures that the entire community and its users benefit from the positive impact generated by our organisation.

Unlike private businesses, we do not have shareholders. Instead, we operate in partnership with the Local Authority, actively listening to the needs of our communities and maintaining transparency.

Why is a Charitable Leisure trust vital to Thurrock?

With our health services facing significant pressure, it is essential to acknowledge the indispensable role played by Thurrock Community Leisure employees as an extension of the health and social care workforce. We form an integral part of a comprehensive system that supports the enhancement of physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing within our communities.

Thurrock Community Leisure have the capacity to contribute to helping the NHS and public health priorities, including:

  • Improving population health outcomes
  • Addressing inequalities
  • Supporting broader social and economic development

We also help reduce the burden on public health and social services by delivering evidence-based interventions and targeted programmes.

These interventions and programmes encompass a range of services such as rehabilitation, preventative care, and social prescribing. They provide opportunities for individuals with specific health conditions to engage in safe and appropriate physical activities, pain management, and social connection.

One of the notable strengths of Thurrock Community Leisure is our flexibility in delivering services at the heart of communities. We utilise non-clinical settings such as our leisure centres, parks, cultural centres, and open spaces. Additionally, we extend our reach to individuals' homes, actively combating social isolation.

Through our diverse and community-centric approach, Thurrock Community Leisure play a crucial role in supporting the overall well-being of individuals and fostering healthier communities.

In England, Wales, and Scotland, there are over 100 additional Charitable Trusts with a combined annual turnover of £2 billion*, injecting substantial funds into the local economy. This model also allows us to allocate income from those who can afford to pay, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of activities.

Improving people's health and wellbeing not only has personal benefits but also reduces the long-term costs of treatment and care. It contributes to crime reduction, better educational outcomes, and overall happiness, carrying a social value of £1.5 billion.

Our partnerships extend beyond councils as well. Working collaboratively is ingrained in our DNA. We engage with health partners, social care organisations, third sector entities, and charitable organisations to maximise our impact. To ensure community involvement in decision-making, our Board comprises members from the local community, giving voice to the aspirations and needs of those we serve.

What has Thurrock Community Leisure done so far?

Over the past two decades, the reinvestment of our surpluses has led to a remarkable transformation of the facilities we manage. These improvements have been made possible through our commitment to efficient management practises rather than relying on constant price increases or subsidies. By prioritising best value, we have successfully generated surpluses that fuel our continuous growth and enable us to provide exceptional services to our community. As a result, the facilities we operate have undergone such significant enhancements that they are now unrecognisable compared to their previous state.

TCL Facilities and Venues

Belhus Park Leisure Centre, situated in South Ockendon, West Thurrock, is a premier destination featuring a sprawling 46-acre, 18-hole golf course and floodlit driving range. Open to both members and non-members, it offers an exceptional golfing experience alongside a state-of-the-art leisure facility, including a fitness suite, swimming pools, water slide, group exercise and group cycling studios, a licenced bar, a function room, and a café.

The facilities at Corringham include a well-equipped fitness suite spread over two floors, a group exercise and spinning studio, a health suite with a sauna and steam room, changing facilities, a main pool, a teaching pool, water slide, free Wi-Fi, and a meeting room hire.

Blackshots, located in Grays, Thurrock, is just a 5-minute drive from Grays Town Centre and is home to various facilities, including a state-of-the-art fitness suite. The Fitness Suite is equipped with the latest exercise equipment and incorporates wellness technology, allowing you to track and monitor your workouts for optimal results. Blackshots also boasts a range of aquatic facilities, including a 33-metre swimming pool, a toddler splash pool, and a teaching pool. These cater to our extensive swimming lesson programme, available for individuals of all ages, from babies to adults and is the home of Thurrock Swimming Club. Additionally, Blackshots features two group exercise studios, a Café, a kinesis rehabilitation studio, and more, ensuring a comprehensive wellness experience for all visitors.

Adjacent to Impulse Leisure Blackshots, the Civic Hall in Grays has a long-standing reputation as a preferred venue for both audiences and performers. The spacious, air-conditioned foyer offers a licenced bar, catering amenities, toilet facilities, and full disabled access. Free on-site parking is also available. With its versatile layout, the Civic Hall can accommodate up to 750 people in concert layout, seat a maximum of 500 people for wedding receptions, and hold up to 996 standing guests. Available for private and commercial hire, the Civic Hall provides excellent amenities for conferences, exhibitions, wedding receptions, and concerts. Noteworthy features include top-notch stage and technical facilities, a large kitchen, retractable tiered seating, and one of the largest sprung wooden dance floors in Essex.

What Impact has Thurrock Community Leisure had on Our Community?

Thurrock Community Leisure has consistently been a driving force in our community, offering a wide range of health and fitness services aimed at enhancing the physical and mental well-being of Thurrock residents. Through our various activities, we have made significant contributions to alleviate the burden on NHS services.

One key initiative is our Health Referral Schemes, which play a crucial role in preventing, managing, and treating illnesses, injuries, and mental health conditions. By providing this vital resource, we empower patients to improve their quality of life. Without these services, we would anticipate increased strain and costs on the NHS and longer waiting times for appointments with GPs, hospitals, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals.

In addition to our health referral programmes, TCL offers a diverse range of services catering to all age groups within our community.

One such service is our Carers’ Coffee Mornings providing support, guidance and comfort through specialist talks, presentations, and signposting. In addition, our Swimming Lessons programme teaches essential life-saving skills and boosts water confidence for individuals of all ages.

Junior Gym sessions cater to 11–15-year-olds, addressing issues like anti-social behaviour and childhood obesity. Moreover, we provide a variety of activities such as public swimming, golf, foot golf, holiday programmes, gym sessions, and fitness classes for all age groups, all aimed at tackling obesity, health inequalities, sedentary lifestyles, and enhancing sports performance.

TCL proudly serves as a host for a range of free sessions that bring immense benefits to the community. For instance, our Save a Baby's Life Courses provide workshops aimed at equipping anyone caring for a baby with basic emergency skills. These training courses empower individuals to handle critical situations effectively and potentially save a baby's life.

Thurrock Community Leisure Facilities and Memberships

All of TCL’s facilities are available for use by the entire community, either on a "pay-as-you-play" basis or via our various membership schemes. We offer a range of different membership options, with discounts available for over-55s, juniors and youths, students, and low-income users. Our Platinum health and fitness membership packages allow unlimited use of our fitness suites, group exercise classes, swimming pool, and health suites for a discounted fixed monthly fee.

Joining Our Team

There are approximately 170 staff across all the facilities. Each leisure centre has in place a leisure Manager who is responsible for the running of the centre, working with a team of Duty Managers who are operationally in charge of the leisure staff, which includes lifeguards, fitness instructors, cleaners, and more. As an organisation, we are dedicated to professionalising and improving the skillset and knowledge of our workforce, with an emphasis on providing additional training opportunities and qualifications so that they have all the opportunities available to them to build a career. Why not check out our careers and training opportunities today.

Do you want to be a part of improving the Health and Wellbeing of your Community?

Become a Trustee – If you live or work in Thurrock you could be eligible to become a Trustee of the Board and help direct the strategic direction of this organisation. To find out more Click HERE

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