Our Gyms


All of our gyms are fully air-conditioned and benefit from revolutionary Cardiovascular and Weight Resistance equipment. Our equipment allows you to track and monitor your workout whether you are; that be in the gym, at home or on the go.


We are partnered up with the global Italian brand TechnoGym, who are the leading experts in the fitness industry and they provide us with only the best equipment for our members and help us keep all our equipment maintained to the highest standard.



Improve your endurance, aerobic fitness and burn those calories



Great for all round body balance, muscle tone and core strength



Perfect for increasing your strength, overall body tone or explosive power



Kettle Bells, Sandbags, TRX, little things make a big difference



Our Wellness Key will boost motivation and offer fresh training ideas

After you have first signed on the dotted line for your membership your first question may be how soon can you get in the gym? If you are a new member you are required to have an induction with one of our fully qualified staff before using the gym alone. You will be given the option to book your gym induction upon signing up. Your Membership Advisor will be able to book this in a time and day that suits you!  You will also be sold a Wellness Key when signing up; this key is paramount when using our gyms.

The Technogym Wellness Key is the tool which tracks and monitors your fitness journey in and out of the gym! Not only will the key save your data whilst you work out in our facilities, but is also used to set up your personal programme, meaning you know you’ll be on track to smash your goals.

On the day of your induction you will need to turn up in comfortable sportswear and trainers with a bottle of water (must keep hydrated!); if you are unsure on what to wear check out our etiquette here you will then need to sign in at reception and they will advise where to go and who to meet for your induction. Once you are with your fitness instructor you can get going!

Your expert fitness instructor will take you through each bit of equipment step by step, pointing out safe use, tips to aid your healthy living lifestyle and developing your personal programme. Your personal programme is optional however we recommend that you take full advantage of this free service as it is tailored to suit your personal goals.  Personal Programmes can be updated every 12 weeks so if you opt for a programme don’t forget to take advantage of this AMAZING free service!

After you have had your induction on how to use our equipment, you can then start to use the gym and work towards your fitness goals. To help keep track of your progress you will have access to our Boditrax machine. This high end piece of equipment…


  • Is individual to you; you are only to gain access to your data through a secure online account
  • Assesses your overall body weight and breaks in down into muscle fat, water & bone density
  • Allows you to track and save progress with your measurements; enabling you to view previous measurements to give you a before and after result
  • Set personal target; giving you more motivation to achieve your goals


 The Boditrax system is something we feel that should be part of your member journey and this is why we do not charge an additional fee to use this machine.

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