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Swimming is a great form of all-round exercise and is ideal if you want to become healthy and active, whatever your age or ability. Its low impact, can help reduce strain on your joints, tone muscles, build strength and increase stamina. Plus swimming is a vital life skill.


If this isn’t enough to get you reaching for your swimming costume, here are our five benefits of swimming to show you there is no such thing as being too cool for the pool:


Mood Booster

Whether work is stressing you out, the kids are being a nightmare, or life in general; we all get times we need to wind down. Swimming can help with this and with regular swims it can help lower stress levels and reduce anxiety and depression. 


Burns calories. 

Swimming is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. A gentle swim can burn over 200 calories in just half an hour, more than double that of walking. Any faster or endurance swimming will also see that chocolate bar gone quicker.


Improves your sleep

As well as improving physical and mental wellbeing, swimming has been reported to help you sleep better at night and help boost your quality of life.



As well as being a great form of cardiovascular exercise, swimming regularly can help prevent, maintain and cure illness and injury. 


Provide exercise for kids!

The recommended physical activity guidelines for kids aged between 5-18, is 60 minutes per day as per the NHS.  Kids do not need to feel like exercising is a chore and with swimming it can be a fun activity without it feeling like a formal work out.

*Benefits and information provided by NHS & Swimming.org


New to swimming?

Why not try out our swimming lessons or come for a casual swim during our public swim hours. To find out more about our sessions hover over the session name in the timetables below.

Please note these timetables are subject to change unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances.

Casual Swimming

 PlatinumStandard MemberNon-member
Adult (18+) £0.00 £5.63 £6.25
Junior/Youth (2-17) £0.00 £3.74 £4.15
Concession £0.00 £3.30 N/A
Under 2's £0.00 £0.00 £0.00


It’s incredible to see how many people are booking our swimming sessions. We love to see our community investing in their health and helping to create an active and healthy community.

Please remember that if you’re late or unable to attend your booked session, use the Impulse Leisure app or call us to cancel your booking in advance so that someone else from your community can take your place. Swim sessions often have a waiting list, and we don’t want anyone to miss out!

Due to an increase in no-shows and cancellations, we are reintroducing a small £1 charitable donation to sessions from October 2022. This fee will apply to anyone who doesn’t turn up to their booked session, are more than five minutes late, or cancels within an hour of the session starting.

Again, we’d like to thank you for being a member of our community and for your support. We hope to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to attend our sessions which are in very high demand. If the £1.00 charity donation is applied to your account, the payment will need to be made before a new session can be booked.

All members have complete control over their bookings and can easily book, manage, and cancel their sessions on the Impulse Leisure app through a quick and simple process. Our app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store, simply scan the QR codes below to download: